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Your Federal resume is the first impression you will make, conveying years of education and experience on several sheets of paper, which may only receive a few minutes of attention from a hiring manager.

A Successful Federal Resume Must:

  • Address the competencies of the position.
  • Demonstrate soft skills such as initiative and responsibility.
  • Convey action and quantifiable accomplishment
  • Be mistake free.

Substantive Approach

Our approach is to maximize the breadth and scope of your professional achievements in relation to your targeted position, using semantic analysis, competency models and the hiring managers own guidelines.


7,500 Clients Since 2002

Together with our partners at FederalResumes.com, we have crafted impactful, winning resumes for over 7,500 satisfied clients.


Measurable Results

Our ResumePro AI system allows us to present clients with a detailed before and after score - which is entirely based on improvement in content. No other resume writing company has access to this powerful tool.

A Compelling Narrative

Action and Accomplishment

A great writer can add impact, stress action and accomplishment, and separate you from the crush of candidates.

We will blend your experience, skills and education so as to accent the intended competencies of your selected position and to create a compelling narrative for you.

From Detailed Analysis to Polished Document

We believe that the most critical part of writing a client's Federal resume is a detailed analysis of the target job versus the customer's credentials. We combine cutting edge data tools, access to Federal hiring benchmarks, and years of Federal personnel expertise to bring you the best writing services available to the public sector.


We guarantee a substantive improvement in the content of your resume. Our artificial intelligence and job scoring tool, ResumePro AI, conducts a detailed analysis of the words and concepts in your resume against your target job. That's your baseline score.


Federal positions are graded and posted according to strict guidelines for the hiring manager. They show the subtle differences in scope, complexity and responsibility that make your experience rank higher. Our writers use our benchmark tool to know exactly what hiring manager's are seeking.

Strategic Analysis

Executive Level and SES level clients will benefit from our detailed analysis not only of their target job, but also of the agency which they are targeting.

We import and analyze the strategic plan for the selected agency. Finding useful messages in tone, strategic direction and emphasis. Your resume will speak their language.

Communicate & Deliver

Resume writing is an iterative process. The more a writer intuitively understands your career goals and your accomplishments, the more value they can add. This is achieved through a detailed analysis - and lots of keen and probing questions - intended to tease out the scope and impact of your work, in ways you may not have considered.

Access to All Our Powerful Tools

Resume Writing clients get 1 year of access to our amazing job targeting and continuing resume improvement services.

  • Make easy adjustments to target new openings.
  • Customize your resume going forward.
  • Detailed Scoring vs Every Job.
  • Millions of keywords and phrase



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